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Meals on Wheels FAQs

  • 1. What is the Cost?

    The cost is a suggested donation of $3.00 per meal.

  • 2. How and when do I pay for the meals delivered?

    We provide an envelope in the bags on Thursdays which you can give to your MOWs driver or mail to the Henry County Senior Center Nutrition Dept., P.O. Box 471, Napoleon, OH, 43545.

  • 3. Do you deliver meals on weekends?

    No, we don't, we deliver Monday-Friday. In the very near future we will obtain our frozen food license and will be able to provide Frozen Meals for evenings and weekends

  • 4. Do you have to have a doctor's order to be able to apply for the meals?

    No, that is not necessary, but many times a doctor will suggest it for "Necessity to Thrive" or for convenience of the senior's family.

  • 5. Would I be eligible for Pass Port to purchase my meals for me?

    Pass Port will look at your monthly income plus if you need any "in home health care" for help to take care of your daily needs.

  • 6. What is the time frame that I would be eligible to receive MOWs?

    You may stay on the program as long as needed for daily help preparing nutritious meals for yourself or if you are the caregiver for another senior.

  • 7. What happens if the driver finds me in need of medical attention?

    The driver would notify Sandy Schlosser, manager of the MOWs program, we would discuss the situation and get the appropriate help at that time. The senior's family or emergency contact would be notified also at that time.

  • 8. If I forget to notify the office that I don't need a meal on a certain day, am I charged for that meal?

    No, you are not. We do appreciate a call though, just so we know you're not going to be home and we are not searching for you in your home.

  • 9. I am slow getting around in the house, do I have to get up and answer the door when the driver drops off my meals?

    No, as long as you unlock your door before the delivery time, the driver will knock, announce themselves, and come on in.

  • If you have other questions, please call Sandy S. in the Nutrition Dept. at 419-599-0033.

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